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  • High-impact, high-gloss PVC-U

    High-impact, high-gloss PVC-U

  • Guaranteed to perform for ten years

    Guaranteed to perform for ten years

  • Perfectly protect and complement your home

    Perfectly protect and complement your home

  • Colours include white, cream, black, grey and clay brown

    Colours include white, cream, black, grey and clay brown

SAJE Guttering

Attractive, robust and efficient upvc gutters

At SAJE, our efficient gutters and pipes will protect your property from the harshest elements, leaving your roof beautifully clean. High-impact, high-gloss PVC-U creates a durable, weather-proof finish that is guaranteed to perform for ten years. Our guttering systems also ensure that water flows evenly into the drainpipe with no danger of overflowing.

Not only do our UPVC gutters protect your home, but they will also enhance it. All styles of SAJE guttering come with a full range of matching accessories and offer an exact colour-match with other SAJE roofline products.

Colours include white, cream, black, grey and clay brown, so you can choose a look that will perfectly protect and complement your home.

Cream coloured guttering is available exclusively from SAJE in our 'Universal Plus' style - our robust, high-capacity option for larger properties. The Universal XL has a deep elliptical shape, which is designed to handle high rainwater volumes - ideal for properties with large roof areas. Our ogee design offers a decorative, sculptured finish. Half-round guttering is the modern and popular choice for homeowners. Our stylish square-line guttering is ideal when you want to create a contemporary finish.

A sustainable choice - our products and processes are at the forefront of sustainable developments in the PVC-U industry.

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If we supply you with a quotation, you will not be followed up, we will leave you alone to make up your own mind, we do not sell double glazing to you, you buy double glazing from us - this is a promise.

Above all, we understand that your home is your most important asset and that nothing must be allowed to go wrong with your double glazing, hence our company motto 'nihil summimus - assume nothing'.

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